steam spirit (why talk of…)

steam spirit (why talk of…)

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A track that evolved from a Nasmak live performance recording called “Team Spirit” in 1982 on music cassette. (Glory to the compact cassette! Otherwise no such tracks.)


look this is the place
where i do my job
the place i can’t stay
but i can’t give it up
look these are my hands
what do you think of that
they’re in total control
they are wet with my sweat
my name is no body
my name is just a word
when someone else speaks it
it sounds so absurd

look these are my sins
i’m wicked i’m bad
no sermons allowed
i’m done with regret
look these are my hands
what do you think of that
they are in control
they are wet with my sweat
look this is my plan
best one i ever had
no stick for stitches
better off dead
wet with my sweat

© all rights reserved Stemra 2023


joop van brakel: guitar, lyrics, vocals
toon bressers: drums, loop, bass sequencer, percussion- and sample-sounds programming, clip
jeanniek van eiden: vocals, percussion
henk janssen: vocals, synth sequencer, mix
nasmak 1981 (joop, henk, toon, theo van eenbergen): track samples from ‘Team Spirit’


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