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PM1: Perpetuum Mobile “It’s Long Since You Last Did Me” — Keywords from the press

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DaMusic: a slanted eye on the dancefloor / conjuring  / überrhythmics / danceable like the best of Tom Tom Club / pleasantly chaotic / intriguing, choral vocals and rhythms like Talking Heads’ ‘Remain In Light’ / a pleasantly insane surprise.

Lust for Lifetribal / tightly produced but maintaining its organic nature / some brilliant vocals / the classic Nasmak with the sound of 2024 / Clever.

Vital Weekly: Old material, new approach / nine pieces driven by pulses, beats, rhythms, and layers of vocals: ‘densemusic’ / classic Nasmak and, yet, also an updated version / motorik rhythms, heavy on the electronics and the guitar sound / sounds excellent.

Gonzothe sound is heavier, riddled with electronics / Truus de Groot brings an element of playful sensuality

Written in Music: entirely new music / as transverse as it is danceable / the band’s own take on ‘satisfriction’ / powerful and unrelenting / fine beats and beautiful polyrhythms / traditionally rousing and conjuring / delightful polyphonic chatty vocals / stomping, urgent yet poppy dance tracks inspired by techno and new beat / tasty beats create an intriguing atmosphere, punctuated by heavy impacts / heavy cadence (My Void) / tasteful techno atmospheres with shining roles for Truus de Groot and Joop van Brakel / insistent, recognisable tightness, perhaps inspired by Front 242, Tuxedomoon and Cabaret Voltaire / fresh self-confidence and abundance of creativity /  NASMAK PM will get you nodding, rocking and dancing / against the grain yet irresistible.

Make a Fuzz: strong emphasis on inventive rhythms and thus danceability / dancing in your own bubble / tribal, subcutaneous tension that usually does not come to a discharge.

Under The Radar Mag: This new record could have been made at any time / they still sound singular / the steady, machine press thud of Toon Bressers’ drumming, the emotional magnet to which much of Nasmak’s music still returns, year after year / this is a band imbued with a sense of confidence born of continual, quotidian experiment and a refusal to do anything that may compromise their core beliefs / the idea of Nasmak as a machine that swaps parts as you listen along is one that always sits high in my mind when I play their records / the restless De Groot is now back as a co-pilot and her distinctive voice giving tracks like ‘Bubbles’ and the cold sleaze of ‘Waiting For A LUCKY MAN’ an uneasy, antsy kick / playful intelligent music..

Muziscene.nl: delicious graphic work /  ‘Satisfriction’: seducing and provoking, slightly quirky / in the spirit of bands like PIL, Shriekback, Consolidated / sounds from modern dance.

Het Parool: the staccato music swings in a transverse way, the vocals sound severe and the synths creak and squeak. Fine music for ‘quarter-hunting’ -for the uninitiated: that’s what the dance style full of angular movements and facing tightly to the floor was called.

OOR: Nothing indicates this is the work of a bunch of veterans / everything pops out of the speakers in a tight, swinging, explosive and brightly colored 2023 mix / maximalist-electronic approach to a contemporary genre like hyperpop, less is more principle / an almost Talking Heads-like interweaving of rhythms, sounds and choruses.

De subjectivisten.nlplayful, catchy, sometimes almost danceable and above all always surprising music / quirky and experimental cross-pollination of Yello, Wire, Talking Heads and The Residents.