bubbles everywhere

bubbles everywhere

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Bubbles Everywhere is based on the track ‘Bo Dance’, an audience favorite when Nasmak performed as a four piece band during 1981-1982. Favorite because ‘Bo Dance’ was danceable, despite or thanks to the 5/4 rhythm. The track was also played in Heaven, located in London november 1981:

We built a new track around the ‘Bo Dance’ sample and Truus added motivating lyrics, titled ‘Bubbles Everywhere’. All over the world each of us lives an own bubble in the first place. Each bubble has its secrets, like heaven.. And we may live in many different bubbles, but there’s probably one dance bubble.


shalalalalala, dense bo
shalalalalala, bo dense bo

not a care in the world, i sing shala (repeat 1x)
bo dense
when things get rough, i sing shala
bo dense bo
when things get tough, i sing shala
bo dense
la la la la la la
bo dense, bo dense bo, bo dense
shalalalalala, you can do it
shalalalalala, it will make you happy when you are sad
bo dense
will make you glad, when times are bad

bo dense
shalala shalala shupela, take a chance
shalala shalala shalala shalala, it’s so fine
and a lot of wine
bo dense
shalala shalala shalala shalala
bubbles bubbles bubbles everywhere

bo bo dense
shalala shalala shalala shalala
the sun is shining
dense bo
for everybody
la la la
all over the world
bo dense bo
take a chance
do it do it do it do it
take a chance
do it do it yeah do it do it yeah do it
do it do it yeah do it do it do it

la la la la la la la sha
bo dense
bo dense
bo bo
bo dense
we’ve got secrets (repeat 2x)
we’ve got

chalalalalala, bo
bo dense bo, bo, bo

lalalalalalash, bo dense, dance, bo dense
lalalalalalash, dance, bo dense, dance
lalalalalalash, bo dense, bo dense
bo dance
shalalalalala, bo dense, bo dense
shalalalalala, bo dense, bo dense
shalalalalala, bo dense, bo dense
dance, chalalalalala, dance dance dance dance dance

© all rights reserved Stemra, Dewclaw Ditties (BMI) 2023


joop van brakel: backing vocals
toon bressers: drums, loop, percussion- and sample-sounds programming, bass sequencer, organ, backing vocals
truus de groot: vocals, backing vocals, lyrics
henk janssen: mix, backing vocals
nasmak 1981 (joop, henk, toon, theo van eenbergen): track samples from ‘Bo Dance’
camera operator: antonia qu (studio luxury eindhoven)
customer designer, make-up, props: agnes de haan, els de groot
director of photography: hans nijssen (fullflow studios)
production designer, editor: toon bressers
wardrobe: yatvavintage, secondflooreindhoven


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