hobby horse

hobby horse

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A track based on a live performance recording by Nasmak in 1982 on music cassette. (Glory to the compact cassette! Otherwise no such tracks.)


got to get something of my chest
got to break through this horny crest now
gotta get through this crest
got to break through this crest now
scores of words crossing my mind
looking for a place to come home to

i like my universe as cold
and pitiless a possible
but i’m still looking for the specs
that make my world look more homely

let me tell you that in this space
there’s no place like commonplace
it’s the place for hobby-horse ridin’
that’s the spot where my shot goes
it’s just a place for hobby-horse ridin’

© all rights reserved Stemra 2023


joop van brakel: vocals, lyrics, ashtray
toon bressers: drums, loop sequencer, percussion- and sample-sounds programming, clip
henk janssen: synth sequencer, mix
nasmak 1981 (joop, henk, toon, theo van eenbergen): track samples from ‘Hobby Horse’


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