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NASMAK: 4our Clicks

The reissue of the Nasmak album 4our Clicks is available from November 10, 2023. “Perhaps the best record ever made by a Dutch group.” So said Dutch no. 1 music magazine OOR in 1982. This is about 4our Clicks, from the band Nasmak from Nuenen, the Netherlands. This legendary album full of unruly rhythms, creative vocal lines and the right synthesizer injections creates a new kind of dance music. A crushing and innovative mix of industrial post-punk and new wave. All the more reason to re-release this record on vinyl. 

Jillem in Holland Tunnel Dive about the album ‘4our Clicks’: “Groovy and square wave from Nasmak! ‘4our those who missed out the sound of Nasmak – let them be yours for a brief instant! Magnificent as much as innovent in their own individuality and style… Semi-cold, freshly pop-ish / bloodily ‘wavey, – A decisive experience as introduction, from what pursuits with straight posture that terribly rich & powerful world. 4our Clicks has the chance to be thought to be played in order as well as seeing further, further the limits of any possibility, of any move. It is defined to be played in a place where people can move, the way they want, the way they should. No repetitions! Each song has a story, so well adjusted that it suggests each next song to be the suite of the previous et ainsi de suite… If people are crying for Joy Division, let Nasmak make you scream! No way back!”

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Nasmak PM’s new album (CD) PM 1: Perpetuum Mobile: It’s Long Since You Last Did Me is also available for a special bundle price in combination with the reissue of 4our Clicks.